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The John Wayne Swingtet is a group of four acoustic jazz musicians (and guest artists) who use the music of Django Reinhardt and The Hot Club of France as an inspirational starting point. From there they branch out into modern jazz, some country, a little latin and even vintage television show themes. This mixture is then brought to a boil with a generous helping of swing and a dash of humour, resulting in a musical smorgasbord which will leave you tapping your toes and smiling with satisfaction. Here's a list of ingredients:
John Farrell  

John Farrell - Guitar

John has been active in the Toronto music scene for over a hundred years and still can't find parking. His musical taste runs the gamut from sweet to salty and he can usually be found standing in a line somewhere, waiting for coffee.


Wayne Nakamura - Guitar

Wayne has been called the "hardest working musician in Toronto". Unfortunately this leaves him little time to play music. When he's not gigging with the JWS, Wayne can be found leading the Tuesday night jams for Django Gypsy Jams at Grossman's Tavern.

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Abbey Sholzberg  

Abbey Sholzberg - Acoustic Bass

Abbey is a fixture on the Toronto music scene... sort of like a lamp post with better rhythm. He's known by all and has gigged with most. He plays so many gigs his daytimer is just a solid mass of text. Abbey handles most of the bookings for the band and is a shrewd negotiator, only relying on the "Rock/Paper/Scissors" style of bargaining if absolutely necessary.

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